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 Předmět příspěvku: Japan Phone Number List launches Jump, a tool that allows yo
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Within the panorama of social networks we can say that Japan Phone Number List has presented the fastest growth in recent years, which has been accompanied by a great evolution in its formats. This short video platform has managed to make a space for itself in the youth audience by letting users exploit their creativity with the help of its different tools. Now, the app has announced a new tool that will help creators to generate more complete content, both outside and inside the application.

Japan Phone Number List Jump, the new tool to complement the content of your videos
In the short video format that TikTok works with, and with which it has managed to become famous, it can fall short on some occasions. As in the kitchen contents, Japan Phone Number List which are one of the strengths of the application, where it can be difficult to incorporate the recipe to prepare without affecting the dynamics of the video. For these cases, Jump offers the opportunity to integrate third-party applications , with which to offer an extension of the content presented in the video.

Japan Phone Number List has become a destination for both entertainment and learning; Through TikTok Jump, we are creating that “last mile” of our community's journey of discovery and helping spark deeper interaction and action both on and off the platform . A broader group of creators will now be able to use Jumps in their videos, and we will continue to gradually expand their availability. "

As expressed in the launch announcement on his blog , this new feature seeks to enrich the user experience in discovering content through his app, leading in turn to generate a more complex and interactive connection between content creators and his followers. In principle, this feature allows the integration of other apps such as Whisk , Breathwrk , Wikipedia , Quizlet , StatMuse and Tabelog , who were already part of the Jump trial period started at the beginning of the year, and who helped in the development of the application.

These contributors would be being joined by BuzzFeed , Jumprope , IRL and WATCHA in the coming weeks . With which the offer of integrations would be expanded, with recipes, questionnaires or meditation assistants, even incorporating content such as beauty tutorials or movie reviews, with which to achieve a more complete and quality content.

How Japan Phone Number List Jumps Work
According to TikTok, the implementation of this new feature is quite simple. However, it is noteworthy that at the moment it is only available to a specific group of creators, although any user can see and interact with them within their content.

As we see in the video, at the time of publishing some content, the option to add a link will appear , where you can select the application that best suits the content of the video. Then you would have to select, in this case of Whisk, whether to add a link from the web or its content, and that's it. Users will see a button with the link to the web or external app, which they can click to access that information.

Although the provider staff is a bit reduced so far, Japan Phone Number List plans to continue expanding it. They have even created a page for this product, from which to sign up to choose to be a contributor . For this, no more technical work is necessary, since it only merits compatibility with HTML5 and other minimal technical integrations.

Brand Lift Study, the new solution to measure and optimize the impact of advertising on your videos
The development of Japan Phone Number List Jump has not been the only novelty brought by the famous social network these days, as they have also announced their Brand Lift Study . This new tool is aimed especially at brands and businesses that make life within the application, which are an important part of their activity. This will allow brands to understand and measure the impact their campaigns have on users, in aspects such as knowledge, attitudes, preference and intention.

As we see in the image, this new addition will be presented organically within the content of TikTok, offering users the opportunity to provide feedback on the content they are viewing.

“The TikTok community has great creative power, both to spark viral trends and to increase demand for products. TikTok BLS provides brands with a new approach to measuring and optimizing brand impact. Following the nature of the platform, TikTok BLS is an immersive experience of conducting surveys in the feed, with music and motion graphics. Features that users already know, and like about the platform. "

With this new movement, Japan Phone Number List reinforces its support for the growth of brands within the app, generating opportunities to expand the knowledge and understanding of their interactions. According to what was expressed in the press release, Kantar will be the collaborating company when verifying the data measurements of this tool.

El Corte Inglés, pioneer in the use of Brand Lift Study
Within Spain, El Corte Inglés has been a pioneer in the use of this new tool, by evaluating its last Christmas season. This included a challenge hashtag where they invited users to dance in the footsteps of their pet of the season. With this campaign, it achieved an engagement of more than 13% and an increase in the count among users of up to 15.9%, according to the information collected through the Brand Lift Study.

With this application, brands will have the opportunity to evaluate their performance and therefore broaden the understanding of the brand and its position within the application. Which in turn will allow to focus efforts on the points to improve, managing to optimize the advertising campaigns. In the same way, it is also an opportunity to create interaction with users and make them feel part of the brand.

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